Document Review

Pet Travel - Ensure your pets travel documentation is correct.
Airborne Animals can assist the do-it-yourself shipper.

For a fee we can review the paperwork necessary for your pet's move.

Paperwork problems might mean:

  • A cancelled pet shipment
  • A delay in customs clearance in the destination country
  • Quarantine in a foreign country
  • Denied entrance to that country, resulting in a return shipment to the USA (at the owner's expense)

We specialize in pet moves to the UK and the Pet Passport Scheme. We can also review documents for a pet entering the US from overseas.

Will vary depending upon the destination.

For domestic moves within the USA $75
For international moves $150-350, depending upon the complexity of the paperwork the country requires

To Have documents Reviewed:

Please contact us at for procedural and payment details.

We will require payment by credit card (Visa/Mastercard/American Express/Discover) and copies of all the documents by either fax or scanned & emailed.


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